cropped-MarnieBLOGheader.me_.jpgMarnie started drawing when she was very young, but at that age she thought she wanted to be an airline hostess when she grew up so she could fly all over the world; or an archaeologist because she liked digging stuff up. She’s spent a lot of time jetting around, and even worked on an archaeological dig for a couple of summers, but to this day she’s still drawn to using her sketching talent and works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer out of her cozy mountain-side studio, in Nelson, BC, Canada.

The bear drawings in Marnie’s collection are named after people she’s known in her life, mostly friends, some family members and also people she’s met on her travels, even the man who inspired her about archaeology, a next door neighbour in Ireland when she was a kid. Once, she found a stone artifact in the farmer’s field adjacent to her home and showed it to Des, he never gave it back much to her disappointment, and said he needed to hang onto it for scientific reasons. Marnie has since forgiven Des for keeping her artifact – and now in fact, has a secret artifact collection of her own, hidden away somewhere safe.

Marnie has come to realize that her talents as an artist shine through the most when she takes time to daydream and use her imagination. Marnie sees many of the figures, shapes and creatures that she draws within inanimate objects – like wood siding, clouds, her grandma’s linoleum flooring or crumpled up plastic bags.  So, taking into account all the inspirational folks, mentors and wood panelling in her life she is greatly thankful for their (possibly unknown) contribution to her creative world. She encourages one and all to find the good in everyone and to study archaeology sometime – it’s pretty interesting stuff.

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Art Shows :

– Holiday Pop Up Shop, Lilikoi, Baker Street, Nelson, BC, Canada. December 2012
– The Latitude Project’s Art Sale, The Round House, Vancouver, BC, Canada. February 2012
– John Ward Fine Coffee, Nelson, BC, Canada. December 2011
– Bijou Hair Salon, Nelson, BC, Canada March 2011 (year of the rabbit show)
– Oso Negro, Nelson, BC, Canada. January 2011
– Bijou Hair Salon, Nelson, BC, Canada. September/October 2010.
– Grid Art Gallery – Sloppy Joe Affordable Art Show, Nelson, BC, Canada. August 20, 2010.
– ARTWALK, Grounded Coffee House, Nelson, BC, Canada. July/August 2010
– Fraser Cultural Centre Art Show – Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia July/August 2010
– Portobello West Market, Vancouver, BC, Canada. October 2009
– The Factory Studios and Gallery – Nelson, BC, Canada. June/July/August 2009
– Shambhala Music Festival – Labyrinth / The Factory Venue. Salmo, BC, Canada. August 2009.
– Bear Sides, Vadim Kristopher Hair Salon, Nelson, BC, Canada. August/September 2009
– In House Design, The Factory Gallery, Nelson BC, Canada. September 2008
– Art Walk, Craft Connection, Nelson BC Canada. July 2008
– Night and Day Fashion Show, Nelson, BC Canada. June 2008
– Kootenay Artisans Market, Nelson, BC, Canada. December 2007
– 2×4 Studios, Horsham, West Sussex, England. March 2004

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