something bijou

something bijou

So, it was a Saturday night (April 2nd), and I launched my new drawn by printed textiles at Bijou Hair Salon, in Nelson. I’d had several of my illustrations printed up this Janaury, and I’ve been creating and making a collection ever since. I LOVE sewing again and I haven’t been involved in this type of product design for years – so putting together a collection of home decor pieces have been very rewarding for me.

It was a incredibly fun evening – having so many friends together there too meant so much – and the majority of the splashy photographs seen in this post were taken by Colin Payne Photography, he really captured the event so well.

Erin Murphy, Bijou Owner – wearing a stunning little black dress by Tracy Fillion (dear pony).

Colin Payne Photography

*I recently found a neon pink frame whilst out thrift store shopping a few weeks ago, and low and behold it was just the splash of colour my new collection needed. The new textile collection ranges in mustard and golden yellows and cream to taupey pink – so the injection of neon pink livened up the walls immediately. New White Rabbit print framed up inside.



Robin and Vadim took home a wall hanging of Oliver Elephant.

Bradley and Kalika chose a Leon Lion print for the baby’s alcove!

Meanwhile, behind the scenes –  very good friend Jesse Phillips catered the event and the spread was scrumptious…


Rabbit with pistachio and apricot terrine + quail egg topper.

cucumber with fig tapanade open-face sandwiches.

Beetroot and watercress salad bites. Colin Payne Photography.


Above is my photo of the walls looking a bit empty at the end of the evening!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the event and came to help me launch new stuff, celebrate and eat good food with me. I tip me hat to you all! xox

Chocolate cupcakes topped with bacon (care of Lauren) yum yum!!

THANKS AGAIN to Colin Payne Photography

..and goodnight!