january art show

january art show


Visit the show from January 3rd to 31st, 2011, at Oso Negro – on Ward Street in Nelson, BC. Check out more in cafe photos of the show below –


from left – Oliver (sold), Francis, Petunia, Agatha and Sasha (sold). Calendar polar bear in the middle.

Isabella (above) and William Squirrel. They obviously love acorns alot, and they kinda are devoted to one another too – so I hope they find a home together.

above is Sebastian the sleeping brown fox, and Anime CAT – who is not so sleepy.

greetings cards care of a polar bear

Basil left and Mikkel – hanging out at the water tower.

Xavier Owl. SOLD

Simon Says and Tomas SOLD and SOLD

this is Jens

and this is Petunia